Sunday, December 22, 2013

Building a Custom Desk - Reaming and Legs (Post 7)

This is  what things look like after the glue up. I need to ream the holes to put a taper into them, cut an inch off both ends of the bottom and turn the legs. Also, I have to clean up the edges planning a small chamfer into the edges so they don't get beat up. But, I'll make the chamfer very small.

First, the reamer. It's petty simple. The reamer is inserted into the holes and turned. It takes about 20 minutes a corner - maybe a little longer. The only thing to pay attention to is that you aim for the small hole as you ream the larger one.

You can see that the reamer is angled about 5 degrees. I have to ream it to the line drawn on the reamer. You have to withdraw and clean the reamer quite a bit as the shavings are drawn to the space between the wood and the blade. Once finished, I tried the one leg I had half turned and it fit nicely. 
You can also see in this picture that my pins through the bottom aren't proud, but flush. It doesn't matter much, but there it is. I have to live with my mistake. If I wanted to sell the desk I don't think I would due to the error.

I shifted to the legs turning each one and trying it in the holes. There was some adjustments, but not too bad. Getting a 5 degree taper and having a tight fit at two fixed locations is a bit of a trick. I spent about 9 hours doing all of this and I got through three legs. I've got one leg left to turn. 

I'm very happy with the design. It may be better than I envisioned. It looks very cool and the legs will look great embonized. It's very nice to see something go from paper to reality.

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