Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kind of neat!

One of my interests is astronomy and perhaps this might get you interested. Some cosmologists need help to classify galaxies and you can sign up and help on the web. There are something like a couple of million to classify and I guess they got a bit tired of it. Many hands make light work. Basically, you will be the first person seeing about 100% of what you see and categorize.

Apparently, the human brain is much better at recognizing patterns than a computer. Here is a shot of several of the ones that came up on my screen. You are seeing them for the first time (well...second time). The first is a spiral clockwise galaxy. I have no clue where. See my post on the milky way for some perspective on just how big things really are. Imagine several million Milky, not the candy bar - our galaxy.

Here's the site.

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