Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Break in Vacation posts for, well... Vacation

This intermediate post interrupts the regularly scheduled vacation post for several reasons. One, we were on vacation in Crested Butte and secondly we picked up the puppy on the way home. I just didn't have enough time to post about vacation while on vacation and there was lots of fun and of course, the puppy is big news.

First Crested Butte, as always the place was terrific. We had a good time hanging out with some of the family. Tammi and I got to ride Trail 401 (pictured here), the most celebrated mountain bike trail in Colorado. There might be better trails, but not many - this is the creme da la creme; simply as good as it gets. We did 29 miles door to door and we were trashed. We haven't gotten out as much as we would like.

Crested Butte is a great town and we did a lot of hanging out. There was a mountain bike fest and all the craziness surrounding such an event. A big black bear walked by the deck one morning - the kids loved that. I think Traci and Owen really liked the trip down too. An accident closed the highway forcing a detour on their return home so they see Cottonwood Pass, Schofield Pass, Paradise Pass, Hoosier Pass, and Loveland Pass - it was an all day detour!

I also got in a fair amount of climbing with Owen, my brother-in-law; who I met Tammi through. We used to climb together a lot, so it was great to be roped up with him again. I hope we can do it some more. We ended up climbing the Bastille in El Dorado Canyon yesterday - felt like old times. It is a old school 5.7 put up by Layton Kor in the 70's. The Bastille is shown at the right and is just what you might expect - a large prow, and here's a picture of the crack. The first three pitches are a real joy. It is the most famous of the climbs in El Dorado.

Anyway, we had a great time with Owen and Traci and kids. I'll post about the puppy in a separate post.

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