Saturday, September 23, 2006

Out of the Shop - finally

I just finished my most ambitious furniture project to date, a taboret for Tammi. It will get a glass top - she uses glass as a palate, as most artists do now. It is constructed primarily of mahogany with poplar on the under side and poplar also making up the drawers. The drawer fronts are made of Leopardwood - a strikingly figured wood grown in Africa. The top tilts and also may be raised and lowered on a dovetail rail inset with aluminum by which it can be locked into position. Traditional joinery is used throughout. The base is fit together with mortise and tendons, the drawer and top are dovetailed. The underside uses dados allowing the many pieces to fit loosely thus allowing for the woods movement. It is finished with aniline dye and coated with tung oil and polyurethane. It is just about four foot wide.

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